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Mitochondrial DNA haplogroup N:

From closest to Africa to most remote from Africa:

X: Forms X1'2'3 and X4. SW Asia, into North Africa. X2 is the most widespread. X2 to America and it makes up 7% of Sahariya tribals of Madhya Pradesh (1).

N3: Iran, Marsh Arabs.  

N1'5: Forms N1 and N5. N1 West Eurasia, N5 South Asia. N5 makes up 25% of the Sahariya, the northernmost ofthe Madhya Pradesh tribals. (1).

N2: Forms N2a and W. West Eurasia. W very rare in Madhya Pradesh tribals (1).

A: East and, especially, Central Asia. A2 to America. A5b to Laos (2).

N9: Forms N9a, N9b and Y. East Asia from Mongolia to Japan. N9a to Laos (2).

N10: Southeast China (4).

N8: South China.

N11: South China (4).

N7: Cambodia.

N21: Thailand, Cambodia, Sumatra, Laos.  Probably from Sumatra.  (2) (3) (6).

N22: Malay, Laos.  Orang Asli.  (2) (6).

R: Southern Wallacea.

N13: Australia.  Kimberly region.  (7). 

N14: Australia.  Kimberly region.  (7). 

S: Australia.  Widespread.  (7). 

O: Australia.  Especially in Central Australia.  (7). 









General references:

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